Welcome Home

We became “pregnant by adoption” in January 2008 when we submitted our adoption application to an agency. We went into “the labor of our hearts” in August when we found out about a baby boy in need of a placement. Nearly nine months from the official beginning of our process, we brought home our precious son Hakon (pronounced “Hawkin”) in September 2008.

A year ago, I was asked if I wanted to blog on my adoption experience. At the time, I didn’t think I could share anything concise while finding my way through such an amazing and emotional experience.

Just as expanding a family the “old fashioned way” (biologically), there are quite a few things to consider when planning for the addition of a child. All the information that is “out there” about adoption can be daunting: some is helpful, some is truthful but overly-biased, and some is just downright insensitive and/or uninformed. We hope that our journey may be a resource to those curious about adoption.

A few times a week, we have people say to us, “I’ve always thought about adoption.” Stay tuned for posts on what we consider the “preliminary decisions” when clarifying a path toward adoption. For now, we want to share some words that touched our hearts—an anonymous poem:


Tonight as you lie sleeping
For the first time in your bed,
There must be something lasting
And profound that should be said.
But as your face is gazed upon
Framed by your soft hair
No words can quite express
The feelings that we share.
The wait is finally over
You’re home, at last, to stay.
And there will always be the memories
Of the joy that filled this day.
With a love that’s running over
By the sight of you alone
Welcome home, dear cherished one,
At long last … welcome home!