Abba Fund

I received the most encouraging email the other day! It simply said, “ I stumbled on your blog and was so encouraged to read your thoughts on trusting God for the ‘gap’!” This person encouraged me that “God was at work.” Hmmmm….. that was super nice, I thought.

So, I begin emailing back and forth with this person. After we exchanged a number of emails and connected on our families’ hearts for adoption, I realized that I know this person’s name. He is Jason Kovacs, an article I had read, loved, and discussed with friends several months ago, “Glorifying the Father of the Fatherless” (link below) from John Piper's site. Turns out he is also the Director of the Abba Fund and part of an organization called Together for Adoption. I strongly encourage readers to become familiar with these organizations.
The ABBA Fund provides interest-free covenant loans to Christian couples who are called by God to expand their families through adoption and who need help with the “cash flow crunch” posed by adoption expenses.

Abba is an Aramaic word typically used by a child to address his father, expressing complete confidence that the father would provide every need. The Bible proclaims that God is the Father, Helper and Defender of the fatherless (Psalm 10:14; Psalm 68:5; Proverbs 23:10-11). The ABBA Fund exists to glorify God as one of His instruments in helping the fatherless (James 1:27).

Jason and I spoke on the phone the other day, and my heart leapt out of my chest as he communicated stories of so many families with such a similar passion as well as the history of these organizations. God prompts the hearts of his people for adoption, and I'm learning more and more everyday that God's heart for adoption is consistent throughout The Church. We hope that we are able to partner with Abba Fund to make Adoption Loans more accessible to those around us.

When adoption is placed on one's heart, there is a reason. Money should not get in the way!