Family Wanted

We've mentioned in other posts that reading the adoption experiences of others is important when considering adoption. "Family Wanted: Stories of Adoption" by Sara Holloway was a book we enjoyed. It is a compilation of stories representing birth-mothers, adoptive parents, and adopted children.

One of my favorite pieces in the book is called "Our Vocabulary," written by a Hampton Roads native and I thought I'd share an excerpt:

"To me, we are what family is, people selected. And I remember always knowing I was adopted and always feeling proud of it. Sometimes people won't miss the chance to let you know which lovely category you fit into: for them it is as simple as cracking and egg and softly sifting out the white. You're adopted. I can't know what others think when they label me or say things like blood is thicker than water, but the way my mother and father raised me has always made me feel chosen, golden..." (p. 93)

If you're interested, you can find the book here: